PILATES & Natural Movement Training


Get The Body & Mental Balance You're Looking For with In-person, Virtual, or Mobile 1:1 sessions, Monthly memberships, on-demand video library, workshops + more.

Get The Body & Mental Balance You're Looking For with
In-person, virtual, or mobile 1:1 sessions, Monthly memberships, on-demand video course, workshops + more.


pilates & movement are for eVERYBody

Exercise is personal. It has to fit your body, your needs, and your budget.

In-Person or Online

intro pilates package

The Intro Pilates Package are for new
of the studio.
Available in-person or virtual.
Choose location when booking.

*Exceptions are made for seasoned Pilates movers, or otherwise agreed upon between Kelley and the Client.
Please email or call if you have questions!

(1) 90-min Initial Assessment Session (Value $150.00):
A comprehensive assessment of your skeletal alignment and movement habits and demonstrate how they may be contributing to issues that concern you, to include photos, walking gait video, + more

(3), Private 60-min sessions (Value $210.00):
3, 60-min 1:1 follow-up sessions in-person or virtual.

+ Review of your assessment photos and videos. 

+ Based your assessment, I designed a first workout to meet your here and now body using Pilates equipment and various props if in-person, or if virtual using mat, home props, and floor work to begin. 

+ Practice of each exercise to insure you have a thorough understanding of the how and why of each movement.

+ Outline of a few home exercises to begin and how to fit these new movement habits into your lifestyle.

Intro Package Includes:

For assistance with booking or questions email me here or call the studio here.

1:1 Pilates SESSIONs & packages

Multiple options: Single sessions, 5 and 10 session-packages for additional savings.

Whether you're an experienced practitioner, if you crave the deep, personal work of developing your movement practice, if you have an athletic specialty, managing chronic pain or rehabilitating an injury, 1:1 sessions are tailored to your body and individual needs.

In-person or Virtual

60 Minutes. 1 Client. 1 Instructor. 


1:1 SESSIONs & packages

+ 60-min workouts. 1 client. 1 instructor. 

+ utilizing a variety of Pilates equipment, props, and repertoire, I structure each session to keep you mentally engaged, physically challenged, and accountable, and you’ll be encouraged to follow up with a few home exercise 

+ personalized coaching & body learning so you can learn how to move without destroying your body or mind with tools and awareness that integrate in your everyday life

+ authentic, caring and efficient coaching - I stay up to date on research and changes to movement modalities that will best support your journey

+ I give you real life movement and lifestyle tips for adding more movement to your regular daily life (this is the way to really amp up the benefits of your work).

private sessions include:

Offering 1:1 sessions both in-studio & virtual. Please email or call if you need assistance booking 1:1 sessions.

Monthly Pilates memberships

All-Access Pilates Memberships include the Initial Assessment, weekly 1:1 Sessions, customized home program for between 1:1 sessions, + more..!

Memberships are an ideal choice if you want the more accountability, consistency, and personal guidance between 1:1 Private Sessions, PLUS get FREE access to the on-demand video library anywhere anytime designed to transfer your movement outside of the studio.

Join in membership perks like: weekly 1:1 Private Sessions at the lowest rate each week, an in-depth baseline assessment, unlimited access to on-demand library (step-by-step movement instructions, and classes for outside the studio on any device on any browser), customized movement plan in and outside of the studio, home props + more!

In-person, online, & mobile

+ (1) Initial Assessment Session 90-mins (Value $150):
This initial assessment session is a prerequisite for new clients. It will include assessment of static and dynamic postural alignment & movement, as well as goal evaluation based on individualized strengths & weaknesses, pre/post alignment photos, walking assessment, functional screening, health history, goal setting, + more. 

+ Weekly 60-min 1:1 Pilates Sessions (Value $280.00): With option to use more then one of your sessions a week.

+ 5% Off Additional Sessions & Packages: What more than 1 private session a week? Get 5% off additional sessions for length of membership. 

+ Premium On-Demand Pilates Video Library Access (Value $18.00/month): You’ll have instant access to login and have 24/7 unlimited access to movement learning videos and workouts, restorative exercise, + all new classes, with personalized exercise and class recommendations to complete between sessions. Plus, any bonuses you qualify for. 

+Weekly Progress Check-ins, Prompts, & Homework (Value $75.00+): Between 1:1 sessions to answer any questions and help you with accountability, consistency, and gains.

+A Pair of Therapy Balls and Half Foam Roller (Value $45.00)With instruction throughout membership. 

+ In-Depth Personalized Coaching & Body Learning:  Learn how to actually move without destroying your body or mind with tools and awareness that integrate in your life. 

+ Unlimited Email Support: As long as we are working together you’ll have support and guidance including unlimited email access for any questions or concerns that come up in between our sessions.

All memberships include:

Email or call today if you need assistance joining a memberships.

workshops & classes

Are you looking to bring natural movement, longterm well-being, and a nutrition expert to you, your employees or clients?

I offer comprehensive, single or multi-day workshops and classes at-your-location.

learn more

I’m often asked how I ended up where I am…..like many others in the health and fitness world, I’ve had personal injuries that have led my interest in specific trainings to find healing, relieve pain, and improve performance. On my path, I was led to the Pilates Method of Movement because of it's mission to create life changing movement experiences and the help people in all bodies move more and better to restore good function of the whole body system.


Benefits of Pilates:

Pilates for a Healthy Mind

Pilates for a Pain-Free Existence

Immune Booster and Detoxifier

Pilates for a Strong, Long Life

Pilates is a functional method of movement and exercise proven to help alleviate common postural dysfunctions and change the way you feel and think about how you move, toes to head and neck. 

Pilates reprograms the way you move down to an unconscious level, and ensures movers of all levels their body is working at its optimal level all the time. 

When practiced on a regular basis, Pilates has the power to transform and improve the quality of your life.

What is pilates?

Pilates for Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention

+ more!

"The integration of Kelley's Pilates teaching and Intuitive Eating Program gave me a real world roadmap I needed to finally take control of my life without spending so much time obsessing about the future, and instead focus on my here-and-now body."

Meet Rachel Goodman

Avery Ann

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Jordan Turner

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You feel stiff and tight in certain areas and your worried things are going to get worse

You want to feel better in your body and live your life to the fullest!

I don't know if Pilates is right for me.

Looking to start a movement practice or a more advanced mover with ambitious goals, ready to get the mental and body balance you've been looking for. 

You want to understand your body better so you can move with ease for life.

You want a real life movement practice that respects your human body.

You have no idea how you're actually going to make it all work. You know, like where to start, what to do, and know if it's working.

there's just one problem:


if YOu're...

Ready to understand how to relieve your chronic pain, improve mobility, and move better in your sport and everyday life.

You need an exercise plan that will fit into your busy schedule and can be done anywhere, anytime. 

I get it. more people are struggling with pain and decreased motivation than
ever before....

Yet they're also spending more time than ever seeing a provider for help and spending money without making any progress.

So something about how we treat painful and lack of movement is not working, and it's not your fault.

See, when you follow basic stretching routines or movement practices like yoga and crossfit - you mostly just end up up passively pulling in your tissues and pounding on our joints without enough attention to whole body alignment and foundational mechanics.

I used to be there, in a place where I spent years trying to find physical freedom, relieve my chronic pain, release myself from shame of judging myself by how I looked, and working out for the sole purpose of “sculpting” my body, HARD.

book a free consultation

Ready build a healthy, joyfully relationship with movement and your body. 

Looking for help with motivation, consistency, and progress to create lasting, meaningful change. 

turns out there's a lot more to it...

You're tired of bouncing around endless exercise programs trying to find relief from pain.

There's a lot more to reducing pain and restoring full range of motion like....

How well your joints move
Whether your tissues are tacked down and don't slide
Your ability to breath in key position
How well your brain can control your movement

Because without addressing these other elements, it doesn't matter how often - or how hard - you tug on your limbs by stretching or exercising. You'll never achieve the fluid, powerful, and pain-free movement that you deserve. 

Instead, you'll feel your frustration grow as you as you spend more and more time pushing through the pain, thinking its because you're getting older - only for your pain to get worse and your movement to get more stiff and restricted. 

The perfect blend of intuitive and athletic pilates starts here.

Having persistent pain or an injury that’s not getting better.


I know this because after decades of searching for the most sustainable, pain-free, natural form of exercise I created a "systems approach" that I've used with my own clients, and for myself,

And whether I'm working with one of the grandparents at my studio - or a marathon running on their way to starting line - this approach has helped my clients experience more complete, joyful, pain-free movement. 

If you want to enjoy less painful and more complete, joyful movement, you need to take a "System Approach". 

Which means you need one method that...

1. Addresses stiff muscles

2. Frees up restricted joints

3. Restores sliding surfaces

4. Facilitates breathing at end range

5. Stimulates circulation through proper musculoskeletal alignment

6. Focuses on your core to calm your body and your spirit.


Video Placeholder Spot!

Meet Arice

Hear how she applies the knowledge and results she gained from her Pilates Training while still running her own business! Arice learned how to connect all the pieces to improve her gait pattern, relieved her foot pain, and now runs pain free....

Pilates is movement from your centre, the core area of our bodies. All movements start from here. Pilates movement lighten the load on your spine and joints by correcting muscle imbalances and tension. Pilates allows you to move with your body’s natural movement patterns for more efficient and effective movement.

The core muscles are close to your spine and activation of them provides stability. Increased core stability allows the spine to move easily and activities such as bending, reaching out, and walking are easier to achieve with less strain on the body.

Within play and sport this core stability allows you to control your movements as your core base is strong and stable. You can walk and run longer, reach further, exert more power, and balance longer. Any action with the arms and legs becomes more effective because your core base supports the body.

Within chronic pain, Pilates isolates the core and pelvic floor muscles to support the spine and can alleviate musculoskeletal aches that occur throughout life. Pilates helps to re-educate areas on how to heal, how to strengthen, and helps regain stability and support for dynamic aging.





And, because Pilates is all about freedom and flexibility, you'll get coaching TAILORED TO YOUR BODY and designed to fit your lifestyle

more about  Pilates

"The integration of Kelley's Pilates teaching and Intuitive Eating Program gave me a real world roadmap I needed to finally take control of my life without spending so much time obsessing about the future, and instead focus on my here-and-now body."

Meet Rachel Goodman

Avery Ann

"Beard austin cardigan, hexagon fashion axe letterpress cornhole vice seitan franzen listicle. Sriracha craft beer pickled iPhone, irony."

Jordan Turner

"Small batch thundercats, raclette hashtag messenger bag 3 wolf moon fixie subway tile. Banjo vinyl keffiyeh next level sriracha master cleanse"

"So many things have changed since starting 1:1 Pilates Sessions with Kelley. My toes don't cross and I can stretch them wider. I can feel the textures beneath my feet! I haven't had issues with Raynaud's or needed pain relievers since working with you. I am not breathing shallowly: you've taught me how to breathe through to my back and pelvic area. I've learned to walk heel to toe instead of chest-toe first. I have better balance. I've learned so much more about how things in my body are connected and how to move more efficiently." 

meet Denise

Amy Riley

"Pilates not only helped me stop wasting time, but it also took my body to the next level!"

Jordan Turner

"I hit a huge breakthrough recently that helped me alleviate a lifelong limitation that impacted my shoulder. I've always struggled with limited shoulder mobility. To my surprise, months into working with Kelley, my partner even noticed how much more range of motion I had!" 

you want a cookie cutter, no-pain-no-gain approach to exercise and movement.

you don’t want to put energy into your own self-care, or your looking for a quick workout gimmic. Your body is an interconnect unit of moving parts and it takes time to create lasting change.

you want to get ripped and bikini-ready. This training isn’t about how you look, and especially not about losing weight. It’s about sustainable health and well-being, and giving your body the proper movement it needs and wants to work at its best.


Pilates may no be for you if:

want to learn how to strengthen your whole body from the ground up, reduce chronic pain, prevent further injuries, and execute day to day physical tasks effortlessly.

are looking for natural movement abilities so everything from getting out of bed to moving furniture to doing with your favorite sport feels different.

believe that we have the ability to grow and get better at any age and want to connect with your body in a nurturing and healing manner

want a safe, sustainable, long term practice that helps you shift to a healthier mindset and self-care attitude with a more energized and productive self!

Pilates is perfect for you if you...

More about pilates...


What is Pilates? Will it help me do my (insert any sport or movement activity here)?? 

Frequently asked questions:

If you're looking for a weight loss approach. Pilates is not for the purpose of weight loss. If a health professional or coach is offering you Pilates for the purpose of weight loss–run away. Fast.

If you  want to get ripped and beach-body-ready. This process isn’t about how you look. It’s about long-term, sustainable health, and giving your body the nourishment and movement it needs to work at its best.

Who is it NOT for? 

Is Pilates for me?

I’ve tried so many exercise programs. Will this work for me?

Will I lose weight?

While many of my clients are not happy in their bodies and would like to lose weight, this is not the focus or goal of Whole Body Pilates. Weight loss must be put on the back burner as you go through the Pilates process. If you are focused on losing weight, you’ll undermine the Pilates process. We will certainly talk about your desire to change your weight, and your feelings about your body, but you will not be weighing in and we will not be using weight as an indicator of success or progress.

If you have other questions please don't hesitate to contact me here

Life does not have a pause button. There’s never going to be a period time where things are suddenly easier. Often we throw the baby out with the bathwater and if we can’t do it all the way, we don’t do anything. Intuitive eating is not about perfection – that’s the beauty of it! Many of my clients are busy professionals, parents with days that are non-stop, or people who travel constantly. When you work with me you’ll learn how to make changes – and maintain them – in the midst of your normal, busy, life. We take care of our families and others we love, so why not do something to take care of ourselves?

I’m really busy, how will I find the time?

Schedule a free consult call to get started – we’ll make sure we are a good fit to work together and help you figure out which package option is best suited to your needs. If you know which package you’d like to start with, you can use the links above to purchase and get started. Once you submit your payment info, you’ll immediately get a scheduling link to book your first appointment.

How do I get started?

Is Pilates for beginners, intermediate or advanced movers?

Pilates is for all types of movers...

For beginners,
Pilates will help you get to know your body as you safely improve your control and mobility. You’ll learn a lot about your current shape and movement patterns as you build a strong foundation and gain incredible new levels of body awareness.

For the intermediate mover, Pilates will give you new layers of understanding and connection. You may find that old, nagging injuries improve and you will start to access new levels of control, ability and fluidity.

For the advanced mover, Pilates provide a wonderful tool for exploring and creativity. Once you understand the basic principles, you can tailor your program to your unique body. Plus the daily practice provides an excellent on-going assessment and self-check in tool.

And in The Pilates All-Access Membership you'll find detailed information on how to use the exercises and movements to go beyond the your daily routine and use them as a rehab or a training tool.

Oh, and did I mention that Pilates exercises feel INSANELY good?!?! 

Far more than a recent fitness craze, Pilates has been developed and practiced since the 1920's when Joseph and Clara Pilates opened their 'Body Conditioning Gym' in New York City.

Where does Pilates come from?

I'm pregnant/recently post-partum - can I still do Pilates?

How long are the sessions and membership classes?

How long will this process take?

What will I need? Do I need exercise equipment?

What platform is the on-demand libary?

The On-demand video library is hosted on WellnessLiving. As well you can access it through both Apple and Android KCS App, as well as through your browser. 

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